Dunamis prides itself on providing every aspect of a lighting upgrade from analysis to final installation. With over 100 years cumulative team experience in the green technology , electrical and mechanical industries, the Dunamis team specializes in achieving the highest cost and energy savings for our mid-sized property customer base.

Energy Efficiency Audits

  • Dunamis has developed a sophisticated model that allows us to evaluate the efficiency of existing lighting systems.
  • We model those systems against a proposed energy efficient system that includes products that reduce energy consumption and daily maintenance.
  • Our findings are 3rd Party verified through the local electric provider to insure accuracy.
  • Once our Energy Audit is complete we present our proposal and estimate with the financial impact and savings the LED upgrade will produce.

Lighting Analysis & Comparison

  • We examine every aspect of your current lighting system.
  • We consult on lighting and specific needs and provide details of our analysis in our Clean Energy States Alliance (CESA) report.
  • We outline the comparison of an upgraded lighting system
  • Project Cost
  • Outline all available financial incentives and rebates
  • Calculate payback period and ROI

Energy Performance Contracting (EPC)

Dunamis EPC is a turnkey service, sometimes compared to design/build construction contracting which provides customers with a comprehensive set of energy efficiency, renewable energy and distributed generation measures and is accompanied with a guarantee that the savings produced by the project will be sufficient to finance the full cost of the project.

  • Turnkey Service – Dunamis provides all of the services required to design and implement a comprehensive project at the customer facility, from the initial energy audit through long-term Monitoring and Verification (M&V) of project savings.
  • Comprehensive Measures – Dunamis tailors a comprehensive set of measures to fit the needs of your particular facility, and can include energy efficiency, renewables, distributed generation, water conservation and sustainable materials and operations.
  • Project financing – Dunamis arranges for long-term project financing that is provided by a third-party financing company. Financing is typically in the form of an operating lease or municipal lease.
  • Project Savings Guarantee – Dunamis provides a guarantee that the savings produced by the project will be sufficient to cover the cost of project financing for the life of the project.

179D Tax Deduction

  • Section 179D of the IRS Code would allow taxpaying customers to deduct the cost of energy efficient property installed in commercial buildings. Themaximum deduction allowed is $1.80/sq.ft. for a building exceeding the ASHRAE 90.1 standards for lighting, HVAC, and building envelope (or up to $0.60/sq. ft. for each system separately), where energy costs for the building have been lowered by 10-50%.
  • The Dunamis team, through its strategic partnerships, has successfully obtained over $50M in 179D incentives nationwide for its customers.
  • 179D incentives have been extended through 2018 and are retroactive to 2006.