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Horticultural LED lighting

Tailored made Grow lights

Optimize your growth systems with LED lighting for sustainable crop cultivation, all year round. Tailor-made light recipes mean faster growth, bigger harvests, and higher quality plants.

Dunamis is committed to developing innovative ways to apply lighting technology to crop farming. With cutting-edge LED innovations at our command, we can custom-build a science-based solution for you.

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Horticultural LED lighting applications:
our application areas & products

We have products for all your horticulture needs. Explore the different horticulture application areas and the Dunamis LED products to use for them.

Growing Vegetables

High wire vegetables, leafy vegetables, herbs and soft fruits.

Cannabis Horticulture

Cut flowers, potted plants, bedding plants & perennials.

City/Urban Farming

Leafy vegetables & ripe fruit without daylight.


The importance of LED lighting applications in the horticultural industry is increasing with the on-going trend of indoor and vertical farming applications. Our Grow Lights are top of the line. Dunamis Horticultural lighting division will be serving the legal cannabis industry. Click here to learn more how you can purchase your grow lights today.

Your Investment in Quality
LED Grow Lights
Will Pay Back!

Why Choose Us

LED grow lights are indeed an upgrade over the costly and inefficient HID variety, as long as you purchase LED grow lights of sufficient quality. We source all of our products from the most well-respected manufacturers in the industry, and they stimulate thick, lush, high yield growth efficiently, effectively, and consistently. LED grow lights last six times as long as HID lighting, and they provide a 90% savings in energy costs when you combine the efficiency of directional lighting with the fact that no cooling systems are needed when you use LED grow lights.

Our success is built on solid relationships with our customers which result in repeat business and positive word-of-mouth advertising. We don’t expect you to have to use it, but we offer a 90-day no-risk money-back guarantee. If you find that you aren’t satisfied with the LED lighting that you purchase from us, simply return it and we will give you a refund with no hassles or hesitation. When you order Dunamis LED Grow Lights, we treat you with the care every customer deserves, and that is our commitment to you.