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Clean Energy Partners


Dunamis Clean Energy Partners, LLC is a technology, manufacturing and engineering firm focused on energy efficiency and environmental service solutions.

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Lighting the Path to a Cleaner Future

We specialize in creating energy cost savings for our customers.

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The DUNAMIS Family of Companies



Dunamis Clean Energy Partners, founded in 2012, is a woman-owned MBE certified, full-service leader in the commercial and industrial cleaning, lighting, and electric vehicle charging industries. We specialize in creating energy cost savings for our customers in, manufacturing, government, healthcare industries. We are dedicated to ensuring the service that we provide complies with OSHA standards. We believe in ethical business practices, treating our employees with respect, serving the community, protecting the environment, and providing our customers with the service they expect. With a key focus on customer satisfaction. A special emphasis is placed on our employees as we strive to offer a safe, consistent, and stimulating work environment

Services: Energy Efficient Auditing and Incentive Procurement, Industrial Cleaning

Products: Commercial and Residential LED Lighting, Horticulture Lighting, Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Certifications: LEED and Energy Star, DLC, Lighting Facts, UL/ETL, CE, and SAAS

Our company can facilitate LEED and Energy Star certifications for our customer base


All specifications comply with Energy Star, DLC, Lighting Facts and UL Standards.


Dunamis EV Charge stations are part of a complete solution with features for every industry.


We offer customized services tailored to the needs of our clients.


Our LED Grow Lights stimulate thick, lush, high yield growth efficiently.

Facility Energy Audits
Cost & Energy Savings Analysis (CESA)

  • Dunamis has developed a sophisticated model that allows us to evaluate the efficiency of existing lighting & HVAC systems.
  • We model those systems against a proposed energy efficient system that includes products that reduce energy consumption and daily maintenance.
  • Our findings are 3rd Party verified through the local electric provider to insure accuracy.
  • Once our Energy Audit is complete we present our proposal and estimate with the financial impact and savings the LED and/or HVAC upgrade will produce.

Existing System Analysis

  • We examine every aspect of your current lighting & HVAC system
  • We consult on lighting and HVAC needs
  • We provide details of our analysis in our CESA report

Proposed Lighting/HVAC Comparison 

  • We outline the comparison of an upgraded lighting and/or HVAC system
  • Project Cost
  • Outline all available Financial Incentives and Rebates
  • Encourage use of Multi-Measure Bonus Incentive
  • Calculated Payback period and ROI

Financing Options

  • Provide financing options with 2 day application turnaround
  • Guarantee Positive Cash Flow “Day One”

Lighting Manufacturing, Energy Efficiency and Environmental Services Experts